Monday, March 30, 2009


Thank you everyone for your nice comments about my Oh Cherry Oh table topper, I am working on the pattern!

Jennifer Paganelli has a wonderful list of inspirational words to think about everyday. Check out her blog, Sis Boom Day Dreams. She offered a workshop at her house this past weekend, I wanted to go sooooooooooooo bad, but alas, I could not. Read about what they did. I have always loved to make collages, and I started a serious one of my own. This is a saying I found in a magazine recently and that is my NEW MOTTO. "Live with what you LOVE and get rid of the rest!" I think it applys to fabric as well. I am going through my fabric and giving to charity all the fabric I thought I loved when I bought it, but now I don't!!!! It will free up more space for more fabric!!
It is on the first page of my new collage book! ~ notice the PINK dresser~ hey cool, I just found this little squiggle thing on my computer~~

If you are in a creative slump, check out Jennifer's blog for inspiration. I have pasted a picture of the beach above my computer...(yes in the kitchen) inspire me not to be depressed about our weather.... I also put on my favorite music, VERY LOUD....(as I am from the hard rock era!) I love to listen to a softer CD called, Return to the Grand Canyon by Nicholas Gunn, but I do like to listen to it LOUD! What kinds of things do you do to get creative??????

p.s I am going to post my swap gifts won't believe what I got!