Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Take any size fabric, if you are using 42"-44" wide press out the fold. 7/8 yard of 42"-44" wide will be enough for a queen size quilt (90 x 108.)

1. Lay out fabric wrong side up.
2. Take top right corner and fold down to meet front edge of fabric.

3. Now take the bottom right corner and fold toward back matching corner.

Like this.

4. Take right corner and put to same corner as before.

Like this.

5. You are folding the fabric back onto itself each time.

6. Fold the little tail that is left over toward fabric on to itself.

7. Cut 1/4" off the folds. You will not be using these.

8. Turn fabric carefully so the cut edge is on the left if you are right handed. Cut 2 1/2" strips. OR 2 1/4" strips whatever you prefer.

Like this.

When you open out the strips they will be separate pieces of bias. You will need to sew them together end to end. Like this.
Press the seams one way. Then press the entire strip in half length wise and now you have a bias strip for binding! IT IS SO GREAT FOR STRIPES!!! Sorry the photos are not that great....I have never really wanted a really good camera until I started blogging!