Friday, March 20, 2009


Okay it is true that I am a fabric-aholic. It is hard to admit but it is true, although I do not buy it and store it, I buy it and use it...therefore I do not have a lot sitting on the shelf. Mostly the shelf has scraps that I just can't throw away!
It is because of people like me that the fabric companies are still in business and also because of pretty fabrics like this by Barbara Jones from Henry Glass called, BUBBLE GUM BASICS .(This is her blog, you will love it.) Barbara Jones is the lady who has the DARLING pattern company called, Quilt Soup. I know many of you have seen her patterns. Barbara is GIVING AWAY A WHOLE STACK OF FAT QUARTERS...WOW, I shouldn't tell you, but you should go check out her blog!!!
Today is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!! Even though the calender says that it is Spring, it is only mostly Spring here. My snow is almost gone! Because today is Spring, I am changing my flannel sheet to my regular sheets. I am changing my black purse for my spring green one! I am putting away the winter coats and getting out my spring jackets! I noticed the PINK tulips I planted last fall are starting to come up!
I have to show you something funny! I have had my grandchildren for a few days. This SWEETIE asked if I had any "Dress up shoes?" I said, "No, sorry." A few minutes later she comes walking into the kitchen to show me her princess shoes....I laughed.....
Children are so ingenious!
Then I looked down at the doll in the stroller and laughed even harder...the dolly had on "princess shoes too!!
Okay, one last random thing....TV adds really do sell things. I bought and used these Crest Advanced White Strips. They really adhere nice, and really do work....just thought you'd like to know in case.....