Saturday, March 14, 2009

2004 Moda Challenge

I love a full moon at night. It always seems so friendly and makes me feel like I am not alone in the universe. It made me think of this little saying. I loved it so much that I put it on the quilt I made for the 2004 Moda quilt challenge. You had to use all 13 background prints, and anything else you wanted but the whole thing, front and back had to be Moda fabrics. Mine of course had miles of applique, (I can't help it,) and it was pretty....until my friend Wendy Morris-Anspach quilted it, then it was beautiful.

She even quilted Moda's name in the piece that already had it printed.
She does all free motion quilting, trust me, the quilting is truly magnificent.
The quilt won 1st place, I think because of the quilting!
Machine quilting is something I don't do. That is a totally different skill, and I have tried it a few times but it is not my cup of tea, I am SO glad other people do, and do it well. Thanks to all the machine quilters out there, you are GREAT!