Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MY VERY OWN QUILT...."I'm blushing"

Here is my very first quilt published in a magazine! It is SO fun to see your own creations in print.....very flattering....but it does make me blush! I feel like the I'm at the Oscars..."I would like to thank all those people who helped me get to this point....."
This Sweet Pink Daisies Quilt would be cute in any color, of course I did mine in PINK! It uses very small scraps, you only need 1"-2" strips for the flowers!
The people at Quilt were so wonderful to work with! Thanks Deb and Linda, plus their photo team made me look pretty good, don't you think? ( My daughter was my photographer!) "Thank you to everyone in blog land for your love and support!"
This is what the issue looks like, it is the April/May issue, #99, it should be out in your stores, if not yet hopefully very soon. Now for all my family, (and close friends) I purchased a copy for you so you won't have to go buy this one! And just to let all know, I do have another quilt coming out in the May issue of Quick Quilts, the sister magazine to this Quilt. I will let you know when it is in print. That one has butterflies on it and very large flowers from a line of fabric called, Butterfly Garden.
Tell everyone to come see, I am GIVING AWAY a Sweet Pink Daisy pillow made from one of the blocks! Leave a comment and your name, a site and/or email. I'll enter everyone's name twice so you have double the chance to win since I feel double happy for this opportunity to be in a magazine.