Thursday, February 26, 2009


This in a newly covered ironing board that Jen made, I had to show everyone....I have made a lot of things, but NEVER thought about covering my ironing board with beautiful fabric...I can HARDLY wait to find me some great fabric for my UGLY iron board. I USE it so much that it is ALWAYS up in my sewing room.

Thanks Jen what a FANTASTIC idea! Just think of it, every iron board in the world could have a new outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They would feel soooooooooo happy! You will have to ask her what site she found to make the pattern. I just had the GREATEST idea, can't you just see a TV commercial with all the beautiful ironing board dancing across the screen in their new outfits? You could get so creative and give your a a ruffled skirt........just think a new pattern line...(someone shoud do this) wearables for your sewing accessories!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so excited about the ironing board I forgot to tell everyone about a GIVE AWAY!!!!!
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