Friday, March 13, 2009


Okay now a little bragging about my talented children.

My son Adam is a welder and has a welding business where he makes snow mobile trailers from is a lot of work. He also has a vinyl sign business called Custom Graphix...he does very large, full coverage signs for very large trucks and vans and installs them, he is very talented. Adam also runs the shipping and receiving department of Heaven's Best, ( my husbands business.)

My daughter Holly is a photographer, she does a lot of wedding photos.....this is some of her work. She has a little photography business called, Holly Munns Photography and she does computer/payroll work for her dad part time from home and plays with her little son.
My daughter Natasha is a self taught knitter.......go figure, most people can't even knit after they learn. Natasha knits little tiny preemie baby burial gowns... this may sound sad, but it is so nice for people who loose a preemie baby to have something pretty to bury them in...she knitted this little elephant for me. Who knew you could knit an elephant? Natasha also edits her dad's business newsletters via computer.It has a little tail! I know everyone thinks their children are talented, SO DO I!!!