Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This is a bad picture, but it allows you to see the back....piecing quilt is my least favorite park of quilting, even if it is only two large pieces of fabric. However, I do like to use the left over fabrics from the front of the quilt. I think to myself, "I paid good money for all that fabric and the front is pieced...(sometimes in very small pieces) so I will use the left over bits on the back." This helps to elevate a lot of left over scraps of the same fabric I have been sewing on for months.
These are some of the fabrics from front of the quilt. They are from Andover Fabrics by Jo Morton, the line is called, Jamestown. They are all dark and OH SO BEAUTIFUL!
This is one of several GREAT GREENS! This line had GREAT GOLDS!And a few ORANGES, orange is often difficult to find!
The REDS were so BEAUTIFUL. There were Burgundy reds and Cherry Reds...all in one line! My favorite part of quilting is the colors, I love finding "just the right color." My least favorite, is getting the backs ready. What is your favorite and least favorite part of quilting?