Monday, January 5, 2009

Winner, Wallpaper, and Shopping!

Okay, the winner is.................CARRIE P. from North Carolina! The answer is Wallpaper! I am wallpapering that one wall in my sewing room with 1950-1960's dress patterns. The sad thing is these are not my mothers, although she had 100's, but gave them to a local thrift stores years ago when they sister sent these to me! I love them, I have happy memories of my mom sewing for my sister and I. Carrie, here is what you get, the greatest little yo-yo maker, (and some other surprises!) If the rest of you don't have one or two, you need one. They come in all sizes and shapes, like hearts and flowers........they are so fun , EASY and addicting!
Here is the photo of how cute they are! Thanks everyone for your entries, and all your darling ideas, they were GREAT!Here is what I bought when I went shopping on Friday! Three fat quarters! I like the challenge of using what I have at home for a project, and just adding a few pieces to it. That way I can go shopping more, and if I buy a cheap lunch, I get both and I don't feel deprived! These are Nature's Chorus by April Cornell from Moda! I hope all of you had a great time shopping, it doesn't matter where you go to get fabric or how much you spend, just get a little, enjoy yourself, and help out the economy! I call it, "Retail Therapy."