Friday, January 2, 2009


One of the nice things about being a designer is sometimes fabric companies will send you fabric to use on your projects. I was fortunate at quilt market to talk to Marcus Brothers who were generous and sent me a box of beautiful fabrics of The Old Sturbridge Village by Judie Rothermel which I will be using in my book this fall! Thanks so much Pati! Be sure to see all the fabrics on, click on the Marcus Brothers at the left.
Here are a few of the squares I have to trim! I like to trim everything so I know it is exact before I sew! This is the corner sashing block with this WONDERFUL goldenrod fabric! I love it so much!

These are some of the fabrics I am going to use in my quilt....of course these pictures don't do the fabrics justice, but you get the picture.

Here is the rest of the pile that I am going to use for another project, hopefully to go in my book. I hope I survive this!

AND, I got darling Christmas package from my friend Bonnie (of CottonWay) with new fabric, a pattern called, Cherry Chocolate Valentine #898, and CHERRY CHOCOLATES!!! It was the cutest sparkle red box with a sweet bow, all red and two favorite colors! Thanks Bonnie! *Check out Marsha's blog for a darling beaded purse giveaway! Also, there is a Valentine exchange at Dandelionquilts!
HAPPY NEW YEARS! I hope all your new wishes and dreams come true!