Thursday, January 8, 2009

All things Red and Pink

My favorite colors are Red and Pink, equally! My daughter does a "color scavenger hunt" (great ideas from Bella Dia and the Crafty Crow) every friday with her children. They go around the house and collect all the things that color. They stop and read the books that have the color on them, and eat the things they find in the frig. IT IS ONE OF THOSE KINDS OF DAYS............I NEED A LITTLE COLOR! No, I need A LOT OF COLOR. So I did my own scavenger hunt and collected a few things that make me happy....I thought I would share them with you!
I love the fabric for this table cloth....I got it in California last year. I wish I had paid attention to whose line it was. It is VERY cheerful! One of my favorites!

This is Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit. I got them two years ago at a craft fair. I loved the all know me and glitter!
I keep them out all year round in my guest bedroom. They make me sooooooo HAPPY!
I have decided that I LOVE PINK FABRIC!!!!!! It really makes me the happiest of all my fabric!
This is my little ladybug egg timer my sister sent me. My granddaughter LOVES to turn it on and watch it. It makes her happy too!
I have 4 our these children's chairs. I bought these two........and not even at the same time or place.....but I had to have them.
I love BARBIE. I only had one Barbie fact I still have her. This is a little miniature Sleeping Beauty doll with a Barbie like face....of course in PINK. I think I must like PINK! This is something most of you will not know about me, even those of you who do! I love to walk down the Barbie isle in the department stores.........especially at Christmas. I love to see all the accessories, all the different dolls and their faces. I think their make-up is ingenious! And those little tiny shoes............who doesn't love those? My grandma Valentine, (yes that is her name) had really tiny feet, and she had A LOT of beautiful shoes. She kept them in boxes in her closet, even though she never let me wear them, I loved to look at them.
If I had all the money in the world and a huge place to keep them, I would collect Barbies! WHO KNEW?

These are other little trinkets that are pink that make me happy. I love Strawberry lotion. I love old pink dishes, (like this glass I found at the thrift shop for 50 cents...I keep small bits of thread in it.) My sewing friend Lori made these cute cupcake pincushions.....and of course I do have PINK thread. YEP, I have concluded from this post that I do like PINK!!!!!!!!! I think even more than red, sorry Red. Last but not least, is my little PINK and RED doll I made from a pattern I designed for Cotton Way entitled, Love Others More #848.
I almost forget!! You must check out Bunny Tales blog.............Anne is giving away 12 FREE block of the month patterns that are TO DIE FOR CUTE! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And who can deny the feeling of a beautiful PINK sunset? There is something about that color.... "Thank you God for making such beautiful colors." What colors make you happy and why? Tell me and post it on your blog so we all can come see!