Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thank heaven for little girls!

Here are my Bananafana Lucy Skirts for my granddaughter who LOVES purple! I am thankful I have granddaughters to sew for. I loved sewing for my own daughters when they were small....not that I don't love my grandsons, but there is nothing like making dresses for little girls. I think it is my all time favorite thing to sew!

This second skirt I gathered the bottom of the skirt instead of using the pleats, and added a belt. Make sure you check out Bananafana's other patterns. She has some cute things! I think I will have my granddaughter over on Monday and give her the skirts, and we can play "dressup." Yes, she is the one with the darling hair a few posts ago!

I had an idea for an apron the other night while I was laying in bed going to sleep. I don't usually design aprons, but this one popped into my head! Maybe I will give it a try!