Sunday, December 7, 2008

Most wonderful place in the world!

Oh my goodness, I never knew this blogging could be so much fun. Thanks everyone for all your comments. I didn't know the computer world was so great....I don't get out much, I live in the greatest place in the sewing room! I think I will end the Sweat Treat Bag give away on December 20, 2008, so tell all your friends.

I will send out the bag with all its goodies before Christmas, however, you may not get it by Christmas with the mail being so busy, so be patient, it will be coming! Keep watching, I will post the winner on the 20th by 10:00pm....(if you haven't entered by then, you are probably not going to!)

I am sending you all photos of my sewing is funny to view it from a spectator's perspective. I need the TV for company, I love those old black and white movies where the guy finally kisses the girl in the end! Look at the weights, (the not very heavy weights)....I keep them there for inspiration. I know I should exercise, but I'd rather sew! Those green stringy things on the file cabinet? They are ironed and starched vines for an applique project....they look like string beans!

This is my cutting table, an old library table.....those patterns on the wall? They are the patterns I have designed.....can a girl be anymore vain?

This is my stash of "small pieces." I have them sorted according to color, I like to see them, it's like having your friends around all the time! I don't really have a large stash, I usually only buy what I need for a project, then keep all the small pieces and use them in scrappy quilts and doll clothes.

This is my 2004 Moda Challenge quilt entitled Folk Art Freinzy. I won first prize at the shop where I entered! That weird folk art painting on the door? It is on an old cupboard door, I bought it at a craft store. I loved it! It makes me so happy. I had my husband screw it on the door to cover the top glass so when the door is closed people can't see the mess my room is in when they pass by! My husband about had a heart attack. I told him if we move, he could fill in the screw holes!
I didn't see the movie, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, but I love the title. It makes me think of, Life of a Crazy Sewing Lady. ..............Do you think that sounds like me?