Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Living in a Winter Wonderland!

This is my life in the winter! We got 10 inches in one day....I know many of you got more, but that is a record for this day in December! I personally would rather be on a tropical beach somewhere. So, I did go get my granddaughter and we cooked, and sewed! This is looking out my back door.
This is looking out my front door across to my neighbors!

Here is my cute granddaughter... she loved her skirts, but wouldn't put them back on this morning to have her picture taken.
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Oh to be a child again. Remember when you were small and could hardly wait for Christmas Day? Me and my sister Tracy would sleep...(or try to sleep) together. I remember staying up and talking and laughing...then we would try to get up early. My dad was not an early riser on Christmas morning. I love to get up Christmas morning while it is still dark outside and the Christmas tree lights are so pretty and magical! Even to this day, I make my husband get up before it is daylight! YEA FOR ME, all my grandchildren will be here on Christmas Day! Happy holidays everyone!